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Chef prepared, individual frozen meals that are healthy and delicious. See The Meals

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We are the premier healthy home delivery option in southwest Ohio. We offer nutrient dense food for a variety of dietary needs. No Boring Food Allowed! Many people who have dietary restrictions, either by choice or through illnesses like cancer or diabetes, need more out of every meal. More nutrition, more flavor, and more convenience. We have developed a wide selection of prepackaged options for every taste, developing meals that are healthy and delicious.


A limited diet does not need to mean a limited selection of meals or tastes. Our menu ranges from traditional meatloaf and potatoes to more exotic dishes from all over the world. Globally inspired flavors delivered right to your door with all the nutrition we can add.

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Unfortunately, many of us have borne witness to the devastating impact of cancer. This awful disease not only wreaks havoc on the individuals diagnosed, but tears at the fabric of their families - interrupting their daily lives, and making this harrowing journey, more difficult yet. Learn More