Chef Marshall Bartley | “Hot, flavorful, well-presented food” is always the answer

Matt Hayden

About Chef Marshall Bartley

In 2010 Chef Marshall  returned to the Dayton area and joined Scratch Food in 2012 as Executive Chef. Over the last five years, Chef Marshall has helped to build and grow one of Dayton’s most sought after catering companies. In 2013 Marshall contributed to developing an extensively prepared meal program. This program is responsible for shipping 1200 meals per week to the Pink Ribbon Girls non-profit breast cancer organization, Marshall’s diverse experience, vigilant work ethic and unsurpassed attention to detail are just a few of the qualities that make him the chef he is today. Marshall is frequently asked the question as a chef, what is your forte? “Hot, flavorful, well-presented food” is always his answer.

Chef Marshall is a native of Centerville, Ohio and graduated from Centerville High School in 1989. In 1992 Marshall graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts from Sullivan College, Louisville, KY  Like many Chefs, Marshall has always had a love for food that started at a very young age. After College, Marshall received his trial by fire as a pasta line cook for the original Bravo in Columbus. Marshall says ” it was totally insane – having to have 30 different pasta dishes ready in 3 min. it would be non-stop for 5 plus hours”  He has always loved the game of golf, so he decided to take a position at a private club in Cincinnati, Wetherington Golf and Country Club. It was there that he started a 20-year career in the private country club sector. Marshall worked for many notable clubs, including NCR Country Club, The Landings Club, Savannah, Georgia and the Country Club of Decatur Illinois. In 2005 Chef Marshall was named the Executive Chef of the Annapolis Yacht Club in Annapolis, Maryland.

“Getting Chef Marshall onboard represented a serious turning point for our company. Scratch already had a great reputation in town for executing large events with creative menus, but….. I would be lying if I said we didnt experience issues with consistency and with the details.  Frankly, Chef Marshall is obsessed with being prepared, being timely, and serving delicious food at just the right time, temperature and consistency.  As a Chef, its easy to get sidetracked with trends, ingredients of the week and sometimes even our client’s idea of what good food is. His style of food really cuts through all the bullshit and gets at the heart of what folks really want – “Hot, flavorful, well-presented food”.   Since acquiring Marshall, we have had no complaints, and that is a ludicrous accomplishment considering we serve close to 50,000 people a year with high-end, designer food.” – Matthew Hayden, President, ScratchFood


In 2012, Meals from Scratch was formed in partnership with Pink Ribbon Girls charity to provide healthy, individually prepared meals for late stage breast cancer patients.  Again, Chef Marshall brought his talent and experience to the table, designing dozens of tried and true meals to serve this amazing group of courageous women, assisting them during their harrowing journey.

On top of all of Chef Marshall’s accomplishments, and if he didnt have enough going on – Marshall just formed his own sauce brand, called RED HEADED SAUCE COMPANY. His motto is “Fresh in a Jar” and he is uncompromising in terms of the quality of his products.  He will soon have Mild and Hot Salsa as well as his amazing Marinara. Check out and Like his Facebook Page HERE.

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